21 thoughts on “8020: American Idol of Digital Photography?”

  1. This is nt at all UGC. They hve just built a website where seasoned photographers can get votes on their work and get printed.

    Nt sure how much of a success it will be. These gnerally are blockbuster (think long tail)kind of images and only few photographers got the capability to produce them.

    Generally the fat belly ( thank young ) are the pictures which hve been taken by amateurs and in situations where professionals wont be carrying their sleek equipment.
    Plus the sheer no. pics makes it work as odds are highly against an individual pic.

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  3. I agree, this is not UGC, but would still work, if the publisher is not too greedy.

    $100 and a free one-year sub for photgs that get published: hmm, what about my 2nd, 3rd, … photos? Not sure how the mag is going to be priced, but it better be lower than the very well put together Irish photo mag, Source. Source is an affordable (less than $8, in Seattle), high quality photo mag available in special magazine stores.

  4. OK, the ‘Oops’ issue (issue #6) sells for $15.99 on their site. I am going to pick up a copy to see if it’s worth the dollars. Personally, I don’t care where the photos come from, if the mag is very well put together and themes well-executed, issue after issue.

    Are these the guys to pull this off? Why wouldn’t established photo magz be able to do the same?

  5. Thanks for the nice writup, Om!

    Hi there, y’all. I’m Derek from JPG & 8020. Just wanted to mention that JPG was printed on demand by the nice folks at Lulu for the first 2 years of its life, and back issues 1-6 are still available there.

    But starting with our next issue, we’re going to be printed by a traditional offset printing company, distributed coast to coast, and on sale in a store (hopefully) near you for the low low price of $5.99.

    I know! We’re excited too. 🙂

  6. It seems like a good idea if you are thinking in terms of comparing it against traditional print media.

    But I use Flickr.com to put together sets and collections all the time and then work with photographers to get permission to combine print versions of some of their photos with mine for putting together a private photo album.

    Why would I want a magazine full of photos chosen by a community if I can get the exact photos I want for a fraction of the costs?

  7. I happen to stumbel upon JPG website and find it most exciting. Not only that but I will be subscribing to the magazine as well.
    Best wishes to 8020.


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