10 thoughts on “8020, Publisher of JPG Mag, Shuts Down”

  1. I doubt that Derek’s departure had anything to do with 8020 or JPEG’s long-term prospects. We all know the advertising markets sucks right now, and will continue to decline for the immediate future, and trying to sell ad space in magazines is hard enough as it is currently (ask Time Warner, et al), much less in books with such a forward-looking thesis as JPEG or any of the other publications 8020 tried or was considering.


    1. Matt

      I think it is a combination of both. More importantly, they never really explored the online ad model properly. I think it was a clever idea and that is why I took a shine to it. I personally think it was too ahead of its time. I think it should make a comeback.

  2. Wow, that’s crazy. I didn’t even know this product existed — and I searched Google for the last 6 months, thinking I came up with the SAME IDEA.

    Good thing you posted this, or I would have probably jumped in that market myself.

    Probably would be a decent app for Facebook though.. Hmm…

  3. This is for those of you who want to be in a community to learn, share and be inspired (rather than for being published): a friend of mine invited me to a photography network which currently is in closed beta, but I can also sent invites to a limited number of people. They offer most of the features we have on JPG (minus print, of course) and some interesting equipment related stuff. From what I could see, it’s not so artsy but rather for the technically oriented. If you’re interested, just drop me a mail to trevorwardin-at-yahoo.com

  4. they haven’t shut down yet, I wish you wouldn’t jump the gun…this is how bad news gets started…they said they were, but they didn’t….and certainly they will keep on going, maybe with a new publisher or owner, but they DID NOT shut down.

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