9 thoughts on “Will the Great Depressed Push Facebook Higher?”

  1. Hey, the holidays are all about sharing. So, you would expect sites that allow users to share with each other would be more active. I used http://www.tabup.com to exchange stuff with family, friends and community over the holidays. I can see how Facebook would get a spike. Travel is down, Weather was bad … all good for staying connected on the internet.

  2. The weather is probably a good explanation for at least part of the spike — people forget that for international web sites with millions of users, a few warm days in Germany in August can really hose your quarter.

  3. There seems to be a lot of similar analysis around. Some useful links.



    Aside from the weather, does the increase in FaceBook visits &/or users mean that people are less and less concerned about their privacy? Where could we find out more about the potential correlation?

  4. Facebook is going to keep the traffic. The real question is how is it going to monetize the traffic ?

    Google spews cash because it can monetize searches very well. What is Facebook going to do ?

  5. What about the iPhone commercials pushing ‘facebook’ in the commercial? Perhaps the iPhone app has been driving some more awareness too

  6. I am not surprise! For the next year or so, you will see an augmentation of traffic for socializing site… People with less money to spent on activities of some sort will stay home because internet is a very cheap activity if you stay away from the shopping site.

  7. yes but that also means less parties at which people take ridiculous amount of photos of themselves and show them off to the world the next day

    not sure I’m drinking the cool-aid on this theory, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough

  8. I see a lot of questions being whipped out for a quickie post with buzzwords. Where’s the actual insight and analysis? This reads like People magazine gushing over what dress Facebook is going to wear to the Oscars.

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