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  1. OM, I am quite familiar with the Wallop story and wrote a blog on it today. http://dondodge.typepad.com/thenextbigthing/2006/04/wallopmicrosof.html

    As often happens with research projects, Microsoft decided not to commercialize the Wallop project and instead offered to license the technology. Microsoft has a new group, Microsoft IP Ventures, established to license LOTS of technology developed by the research labs that for one reason or another will not be commercialized. I encourage you to take a look at the long and growing list of technologies available for license from Microsoft Research.

  2. I’m not sure any company will ‘dent’ Myspace’s popularity. Do you think users of myspace who have investing themselves into one place will up and move for a better product or a newer product? I don’t think so. For Myspace’s numbers to decline it would have to ignore users wishes and/or restrict their freedom and Myspace is far from erring on those two fronts.

  3. I’ve had a Wallop account for several months now. Definitely not a Myspace killer; not, in fact, even an Orkut killer.

    At least in its current form. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t logged in in long enough that they may have changed some things while I’ve been gone.

  4. FYI, Karl Jacob did not found or co-found Keen / Ingenio / Ether. Scott Faber came up with the idea and founded this business long before the VCs named Karl CEO.

  5. I checked out the homepage if Firefox. The links are really buggy for me, at least. A sign of things to come? We shall see.

  6. When will companies realize that Karl Jacob is complete poison? He spends virtually all of his time at the helm promoting himself, while fostering a climate of paranoia and powerlessness within.

    Om, the real story here would be to talk to the actual founders of Ingenio (Faber/Vanderlinden) and Cloudmark (Jordan Ritter/Vipul Prakash) to see just how Jacob operates, including the pathological and completely false insistence in each case that somehow he was a founder (this is central to his concept of self). It would be an interesting study in how a CEO so reviled and damaging manages to skate from high-level position to high-level position.

    Second largest number next to infinity? The difference between what Karl thinks of himself and his actual talent.

  7. i was an very early user of wallop … quite impressive, but not sure if it’s even wants to be a myspace killer? who wants to be another ad pool? we’ve got enough of those, no?

    wallop is nice 😉

  8. I have a comment about Karl Jacob. He DID found On Ramp in 1992, then founded Dimension X in 1994, then he actually DID found Keen in 1999. Before Jacob, Faber and Vanderlinden were tooling around on Bolt.com and had the idea of a company that later formed into Keen.com. Without Jacob changing the model, bringing in the capital, and starting a company, there would not be a Keen.com, or an Ingenio.com today. Same goes for Cloudmark. Yes, Ritter and Vipul are bright guys but there would not have been a Cloudmark had Jacob not come into the picture and turned the idea into a real business. I think he deserves the title of Founder for all of these companies. In this latest venture Wallop, I think you will all be surprised to see what he has in store and I guarantee that in a year from now you will have a new sense of respect for Karl Jacob.

  9. I agree with Don. I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to slow down MySpace. Users have much invested and everyone and their brother is on there. The focus now I think is niche networks.

  10. “I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to slow down MySpace. Users have much invested and everyone and their brother is on there.”

    Only in the USA. Orkut is huge in Brazil, Friendster has strong positions in South East Asia, openBC is the leader in Europe, Canada-based Plentyoffish.com has over 15 million pageviews a day.


  11. >> guarantee that in a year from now you will have
    >> a new sense of respect for Karl Jacob.

    OK, it’s a year from now. Wallop is moribund. My sense of respect
    is the same as it was a year ago.

    Any new predictions?

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