8 thoughts on “Dave.TV, AdSense for Video?”

  1. I agree with you. I think that the primary value of this technology is in indexing large video content libraries since tagging is human-driven (laborious and non-standard), subject to fraud, and doesn’t work well for lengthy content.
    Furthermore, my guess is that for 80% of the video content, ad buyers and ad networks will optimize against demographic and geo data and not video context.
    Looks similar to podzinger and a few other companies.

  2. Adsense worked (works 🙂 ) because it’s non-intrusive. and people are usually looking for some information when they are offered advertisements (relevant to what they search)

    Do video watchers seek the same experience?

  3. There’s always there god danm advertisers trying to get into evey single part of our lives. Next time when your pissing in the toilet the sound the water makes would trigger and ad capaign for “air refreshners”.

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