17 thoughts on “A Quick Om Update”

  1. Om, The kite flying season is in Jan (makar sankranti) – Nobody flies kite in August šŸ˜› anyhow Happy Independence Day!

  2. Happy Independence Day. Kite flying and Holi are the most fun. We celebrate kite flying every year in April/May when the sun comes out although the festival is in Jan. Most welcome to join us šŸ™‚


  3. India’s Independence day is a reminder of what can be achieved by out of the box thinking while being firmly grounded in our core ethical beliefs.

  4. Greetings/Namaskar Bhaiyo or Bhenno – Happy Belated Independence Day everyone.

    @ Om: Good to see you are balancing things, despite still being a workaholic. Apka Kyal Rakna. Don’t forget Om 3.0.

  5. Om,

    I got to fly kite after so many years as I am back in India now. I actually had fun flying kites which landed on my homes terrace from a kite fight(pecha ladana).

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