13 thoughts on “For HTC Google Phone Is a Dream”

  1. Over at last100 we have strong views as to Why Google should have developed its own Gphone.

    With regards to HTC’s past efforts at producing a sleek touchscreen phone, the Touch Diamond is quite nice hardware-wise, and the new Touch Pro is more responsive and has a nice keyboard. Going by the leaked videos of the “Dream” it looks like they’ve gone backwards in terms of style. It does indeed look ‘clunky’. It wouldn’t surprise me if what is released is actually slimmer / slicker.

  2. I hope they’re sandbagging in this video. The icons are awful – small, too soft and similar-looking.

    The Google presenter seemed sharp, direct, personable – not a trace of Google arrogance.

  3. I really admire HTC but I’m sticking with my E51 until there’s something other than piles of java rubbish for Android. As much as I enjoyed reading up on the “Android Challenge” little of the projects amazed me.

  4. If it is significantly faster with a bigger screen, than the shadow (my current phone o/c @240Mghz), i will certainly want one; if not anyways

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