4 thoughts on “A really tiny explanation of how Facebook's Graph Search works”

  1. I told my wife about a big new Facebook announcement and she said,… what something dumb? Then I told her you can search for the favorite SF restaurants of your Indian friends and she said… you can do that already.

    Just reporting the reaction from a non-technical 30-something user of Facebook who has a decent jobs, spends some time of FB everyday and has 2 kids.

  2. I know a lot of people don’t see the utility in Graph Search, but I do. Here’s my use case:

    A few weeks ago I was planning a housewarming party. I wanted to invite very select people in my network, almost all of whom are on Facebook: People who live in my city, don’t work with me, are close friends, and over 21. It took me 30 minutes to get them all on one list and send an invitation.

    Graph Search (from what I understand) could have done this for me in 5 seconds.

    (Of course, if Facebook had Google+-style Circles, it could have been done a lot quicker, too. But Facebook refuses to incorporate this MOST USEFUL tool, apparently because Zuckerberg didn’t think of it.)

  3. Natural Language Processing it what makes the Search Graph cool. Of course you could find most, if not all the information you’d typically look for: friends that like organic food, friends that went to SXSW and attended a certain party, friends who have other friends in New York City and like Tiesto etc. But the NLP makes this super-fast (hopefully) and allows one to ‘de-duplicate’ when doing complex searches with several cross overs. This is great I think for Marketing peeps. Not so sure about everday use though.

  4. I personally don’t like it as is, they need to fix it so you can toggle between custom search and full search…doing a search that connects me to everyone on my friends list is a nice idea at first, but what if I want to do a search outside of that bubble they just created for me? I want my facebook page back that has facebooks normal search bar or facebook needs to update it so I have a choice of switch between custom or full search for things on facebook.

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