11 thoughts on “Live blog: Facebook's "what we're building" event”

  1. Breaking! This just in! Facebook’s big announcement is that they are dumping Edgerank and all Page posts will reach all fans and we won’t need to pay to promote them anymore.

  2. As someone that never used FB i find it hilarious that they didn’t had such a basic search already.if you can’t search the local content what’s the point of having it. And they didn’t had the data indexed ,what the hell have they been doing?
    The Bing integration might matter more but i’ll have to see how that works and Bing search is still pretty poor.

  3. I just posted the following comment on a blog post (actually inside FB) Brian Solis did on Google’s search study from several months ago:

    >> My “gut feeling” is that this will fragment search — on small screens, people will be more likely to become impatient with what information scientists used to call “false drops” (but which people today might refer to as spam results, or bogus self-promotion — e.g. blogspot.com or youtube videos showing up even if they’re not relevant to the query). Slowly but surely, people will not only want to find out what’s a-twitter, but also to do a quick real estate search on realtor.com , homes.com or some specific site like that (so they don’t have spend their short bits of time separating the wheat from the chaff ) <<

  4. Your live blog had given me an idea about how facebook is going to end up giving a social pakage all together…zuck had always hired good skilled people from different big web builders …so let’s cross our fingers and hope to get a structured Facebook for good

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