25 thoughts on “A Small Note About Our Series B Funding”

  1. Nice job! I like is the smaller round as it makes you FOCUS and run it with a fiscally responsible approach.

    btw – also like the direction you and the team are heading. will keep a look out for job posting. Yesterday’s launch was seriously was when about 200 light bulbs went off in my head.


  2. Hi Om,

    Congratulations on the B-round and on the success of NewTeeVee Live. You’re building a company that has both meaning and style, and it’s a privilege for us to be involved. We’re thrilled to be a part of the GigaOm team.

    Welcome Rakesh, Venky and Anand! We look forward to working together.

    Jon and the True team

  3. @omfut

    thank you for your kind words. it is a lot of trust our investors have put in us, just like folks like yourself have in our words. it is fun to build a company – hard work for sure, but fun as well.

  4. @ ALEX,

    For a middle class boy from New Delhi, the value of money is much higher than just cash. I agree with you – we have a small, dedicated and focused team and we hope we are doing the right thing all the time. Thanks again!

  5. @ Om

    You’re welcome. I didn’t know you were from New Delhi. I’ve traveled to New Delhi 4 times in the last two years for business. I’ve never seen anything like it. The city doesn’t sleep. The city that really caught my attention was Gurgaon. The amount of fiber that was going into the development of that city was just awesome.

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