14 thoughts on “The Immediate Media Age: Of Broadband & Blogs”

  1. It’s definitely coming down to the personal market of one. Where you really can funnel and be targeted to as a pure individual and not a mass consumer. The choices available now (media-wise) days can be very simply refined down to what interests and applies to just you. There’s almost no such thing as a freak these days, just a niche 🙂 ..and there’s something out there for everybody. (and broadband’s mostly made it possible)

  2. Great text. You seem to know me well. My music is only electronic music podcasts, regularily updated by my favourite DJs. I watch TV only selectively from my harddisc recorder. Only my favourite shows. My lecture are hightech blogs, while this morning’s newspaper is still unread at midnight. I spent some hours today updating my niche blog about VoIP and mobile communication.

    Well, maybe this wasn’t so intelligent and I should concentrate more on my paid articles. But the niche is so interesting!

  3. You are right there in capturing the trend.. Guess the stats that almost 60% of the time spent over Net by people is occupied in going through personalized media shows how much credibity people place in personalized communication.. The trend sure is one on one communication!

  4. great post

    nytimes today…“Publishers are saying: Instead of spending $15 million or $20 million on one PS3 game, come back to me with five or six Wii pitches,”

    nimbleness is the new mode for content, from widgets to consoles!

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