6 thoughts on “India's Reliance Buys Yipes For $300 MM”

  1. Om, The meddling-family style mgmt is in the past. Reliance Comms is managed by the younger brother, Anil Ambani and $300 mn for Yipes is too small fry for him to think off. He has got bigger things like a massive network expansion. There are a lot of other things happening in companies under his control like expansion in Reliance Capital – broking, insurance etc.

  2. Hey Om (or anyone who knows the answer)
    Two questions:
    1. Is Telseon dead? Who picjed up their assets if so?
    2. Somewhere they mentionned in terms of Metro Ethernet services for biznesses, Yipes now ranks Number 7. If so, who are the six ahead of them? They mentionned the three ILECs Verizon, ATT,Qwest, which makes sense, and Sprint; so who do you think may be NUmber 5 and 6?

  3. Oh sorry, I shouldve guessed: Cogent is BIG in the US, so I presume they may be Number 5 or so…but who else is still a big player? PLease xclude those that have already been bought by one of the others (someone said Bellsouth, but why list them spearaetly? they are part of ATT now)

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