5 thoughts on “A Tale of two Mobile TVs”

  1. At least a portion of the delay in the launch of MediaFLO has been the time it has taken for Qualcomm to get a ruling on the interference rules in the 700MHz band. It took two years for the FCC to make a decision. I am sure that lining up content partners and building out the infrastructure has also take time, but without that ruling quite a few major markets would have had no chance at getting access to the service.

    It looks like Modeo has very little chance of success. If a carrier is going to go with DVB-H, HiWire makes more sense anyway…they have more spectrum and it is in the 700MHz band instead of the L-band.

  2. MediaFLO was supposed to be ready by the end of October but alas no. As Slacker711 states, that whole interference ruling is an obstacle. To be fair, as far as service goes Verizon Wireless determines when rollout happens and they projected Q1 07 – three months worth of cushion, is it enough?

    HiWire – true they have the spectrum but where are they getting their operations experience. The company is Aloha Partners – a holding company, one without a real ops organization. They have a commitment of Las Vegas – we’ll see there as well.

  3. I really wonder about the MobiTV numbers. Have you seen anyone watching MobiTV except at CTIA or in a demo? My finely tuned mobile TV ratings engine (my eyeballs) hasn’t picked up a single person ever watching TV on their mobile yet. Is it all rural folks? That doesn’t make much sense, but they sure aren’t in the urban areas.

    The Aloha guys are pretty sharp – and know they’re sitting on some great spectrum that they picked up cheap. They’ll do trials and press releases just enough to keep on the radar and someone will buy their spectrum for a nice 10x return.

    Modeo’s problem is ultimately that 5MHz at 1.67GHz just isn’t a fat enough slice of spectrum to really do anything worthwhile for mobile video – except maybe off-peak downloads. I bet they end up doing something else with the spectrum – it does have value as it’s nationwide. It would make a good control channel.

  4. I’ve tried to watch MobiTV. It’s a painful experience. Mobile TV is not ready for prime time.. at least not with those codecs and delivery platform.

  5. I would think Modeo, MediaFlo, and HiWire would have to build the networks before they can launch them . . . Before worrying about when these networks are going to launch, ask the companies how many base-stations they’ve actually deployed.

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