5 thoughts on “Age old Social Networking”

  1. Where have you been Om? The Arrow, Van Heusen , TH , Lee, Wrangler and Lacoste have been there for long (at least 10 years). Maybe not in Gurgaon but in Mumbai from long time. Discos like J49, pubs, VCDs are there for ages now. Consumerism picked up in early 90s.
    Its not like India started shining JIT before the elections :). The things which struck me the most on my recent visit were the cellphone revolution, variety and number of cars on roads and the sex on TV.

  2. Resist all temptation, including the one that falls under the “it’ll make them happy” category.

    Speaking as one who has been both married and single, I endorse the single life . . .until and unless you meet someone you simply can’t live without marrying.

    And those, trust me, are never arranged. NEVER.

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