One thought on “The Mall Culture”

  1. Om Bhaaji!

    Yeah that’s my city Gurgaon, left it about 8 months ago when the cineplex had trickeled in and people started moving in from Delhi to the suburb for the complete entertainment expierence.

    But a word of caution. Even though I am an optimist myself, the branded-malls phenomena is limited to say top 20 cities or towns right now. Not to say that it wouldn’t reach smaller towns, but there is a few things to look at.

    For example, people at Gurgaon do go to those Lifestyle kind of stores for buying anything branded say a pair of Levi’s but would still go to the sadar bazaar for their ‘kariyana’ (groceries). For a simple reason, take and give all the ‘power of choice’ and ‘lowered cost in volumens’ ideas, there is no way that these big malls can offset the price advantages of sadar-bazaar’s as of now.

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