10 thoughts on “Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on Amazon’s Web Services, Startups and Innovation”

  1. Thanks Werner, we couldn’t agree more. The fact that AWS allows us to attain carrier-grade scale without CAPEXes is a clear competitive advantage for us. Keep up the great work AWS.

    Co-Founder & CEO

  2. Om, thanks for sharing bits of your conversation with Werner. While I agree with you that part of the reason developers will stick to Amazon AWS is the inertia of switching cloud providers; But at the same time, Amazon deserves that advantage for trailblazing the creation and wide adoption of the concept of a shared & elastic infrastructure? No ?

  3. It would be great to understand where AWS is going in the future. It seems like they got off to such a great start and could accomplish so much more. For instance, a deal with a company like Twitter where they take care of the hosting and developer engagements on a massive scale leaving Twitter to focus on a smaller number of developers and adding value to the API and service, would be thinking out of the box. Granted, they’re doing extremely well with that number of developers, but couldn’t they be doing more to solidify their future position?

  4. If you get the chance again… ask Werner if AWS is making plans to migrate eventually to a KVM vs a XEN based hypervisor.

    AWS is based now on RHEL and XEN but with Red Hat now very much committed to KVM with their acquisition of QumranNet and with Ubuntu also adopting KVM… the handwriting seems on the wall that AWS will eventually have to make a business decision about this or figure out how to continue on their current path if Red Hat becomes less interested or motivated to do future development on the AWS XEN version of the environment.

    The value today with AWS is their published AMI and API’s tools and interfaces specifications.

    There’s probably nothing that would prevent them from implementing the same but with a KVM environment.

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