5 thoughts on “What Are Foursquare, Gowalla & Flixster Checking Into?”

  1. I use Brightkite (primarily for status updates / posting photos) and <a href=””http://foursquare.com”>Foursquare (for the game aspect).

    In response to Jeff’s comic link; Brightkite updates Facebook, Twitter and also Fire Eagle with your location data when you check in somewhere. However, with all these location-based services, I think you just have to make a decision and stick to it!

    There are lots of people who are really uncertain about location-based services anyway. Many of my friends will tell me “but now everyone knows that you’re not at home and can steal your stuff”, but they’re quite happy to post a Twitter or Facebook status update, telling everyone where they are – just that linking it to a map of their actual location seems to freak them out.

  2. OMG, please quit providing the “buzz” around Foursquare. It is completely unwarranted, I am sorry.

    Now look at this idiotic list: Gowalla, Flixster, Foursquare, MyTown, Yelp, Loopt.

    It is already commodotized before ever becoming a real business.

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