13 thoughts on “Breaking: Amazon Down! Anyone Know What's Up?”

  1. Ironically, I had just come to this site to find that link Stacy posted a couple weeks ago about a website that checks to see if a website is down or if it’s just you. Guess I don’t need it now.

  2. “Funnily enough reports are coming in saying that nothing wrong with Amazon Web Services’ S3 service is working just fine for everyone.”

    Um… Is that a sentence?

    Sorry, I’m usually very tolerant of grammatical fumbles, but that one is beyond the pale.

  3. They are still down.

    Wish they atleast have a custom page showing that their web site is down or having issues.

    HTTP 1.1 ” Wonder what the users might think about this.

    Cheers, Nag

  4. I am getting server not found on both versions, although the UK version is working, I want to access the US version is the any reason why its down?

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