8 thoughts on “Poll: Will You Buy The Rumored 3G Version?”

  1. When I saw the post title, I wondered: 3G version of what? I guess I’m less gaga about the iPhone than GigaOm readers (or than Om).

  2. Corporate email with Exchange/Activesync is the reason I can get one. Why people care so much about shooting such low quality videos makes little sense to me.

  3. I would buy the 3G iPhone but the biggest new feature it will supposedly have is 3G and I don’t have it in my area. I’m extremely happy with my first generation iPhone anyway so I’ll probably stick with it.

  4. There are tons of rumors about the 3G, but no confirmed ones. Will it indeed be subsidized and thus cheap? Will it have GPS, video chat, and how on earth could it be cheap then? Will it have better battery life? Will they launch globally or restricted?

    I don’t have an iPhone, but my blackberry is getting old. I might buy it, but it will depend on what apple has put in the device

  5. Well, I’m one of the few who’s happy with his current GSM/GPRS phone running Java apps. Frankly, I covet for more and better apps. Despite the fact, 3G is slated to emerge in my country this Fall, I’m going after Android. Hopefully, SE will offer one. Android platform’s more open so expect abundance of various apps. Have you seen Sony’s OLED? My bet’s SE will unveil an Android gadget sporting this next-gen display, saving more battery life.

  6. I’m actually more interested in the Samsung Instinct. Everything I’ve read about it has been mostly positive, except for the browser. As for that, people have been saying Opera Mini is the way to go. I’ll wait to read more review on the Instinct, though I’m really not in any rush…so maybe I can wait for Android products.

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