10 thoughts on “Amazon Now Offers Warner DRM-Free Downloads”

  1. Any site for music download is too cool coz it is a big pain to search for your favourite song in hundreds of sites. That too a company like amazon.com entering this market is cool.

  2. Correcting the type would require “DRM-free Downloads”, by the by.

    On a more important note: I think that your phrase “Apple’s DRM” implies that Apple is the acting agent. I think that Apple has made it clear, however, that it would prefer that all its music were DRM-free. It’s the labels with the issue. Perhaps “label-required DRM” might be more appropriate?

  3. Om, slow down please… try to make DRM-free download from Amazon with account on non-American billing address, you will learn true meaning-of-life. Essentially, Amazon is pro-DRM, enforcing America-only-and-uber-alles rule at server level, NO exceptions. In other words, it is DRM-free-only-for-US. And I kept rest of (more emotionally charged) comments off-line.

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