6 thoughts on “Amazon Start-Up Challenge goes global”

  1. How lovey dovey. There was a glaring omission, you should have re-written this sentence fragment:
    “… with AWS all you need is an idea, a credit card, a dream and a willingness to get locked in to a proprietary API!” What happens when the world changes and you want the option to move your “dream” machine to a different platform, a different infrastructure? Sorry, you can’t move your AWS dream machine, you’re stuck! Hats off to the great work AWS has been doing in this space, but longer term wouldn’t all entrepreneurs in this space be better off to have fluidity (OpenStack comes to mind).

    1. I just moved an entire three-tier 10-node app cluster from EC2 to another cloud VPS & storage & CDN provider in less than four hours. The slowest part was waiting for our DNS to update. So either you are stupid or incompetent or lying.

  2. > Werner Vogels says, with AWS all you need is an idea, a credit card and a
    > dream.

    Yeah, that’s the American way, be a credit card pusher and encourage people to get into debt in order to give money to Amazon (AMZN wills sell you a dream kiddos). Perfecting timing given S&P’s U.S. downgrade and Tim Geithner is playing a game of chicken with China saying today about the Chinese: “They’ve been very strong and I’m sure they’ll be strong investors in the U.S. going forward as will investors around the world,”. Meanwhile, “a critical editorial by China’s state-run news agency on Saturday said that the United States must ‘cure its addiction to debts.'”

    Yeah, that’s right Mr. Vogels, keep on telling people to use their credit cards to go into debt to fund your AWS cloud!

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