21 thoughts on “Amazon’s Alexa Commoditizes Search”

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  2. Alexa is move is a classic ‘dead man walking’ move. Total game changer because they need to change the game. Alexa is old and outdated. This is a Web 2.0 transpant to save the patient.

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  4. I love it. It’s a great move that will mobilise thousands of small developers in a way Google could have if they truly opened up their API years ago. This will not only give Alexa a bigger slice of the search pie I think it will grow the search sector through the unique search apps being developed.

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  6. That’s really good news for search tech developers! I would test their index or compare it with other ones. Let’s hope that Google, Yahoo! and MSN will follow up and open their Web indexes too. It’ll be the only way to meet a competition from Amazon.

  7. Well the funny thing is even Amazon’s own search engine A9 is not using alexa’s data but rather depend on google for a more comprehensive index :).

    But said all this,i can imagine how the search engine and email spammers would be excited about this 🙂

  8. For me the interesting thing about this is that we’ve found Alexa’s rankings of sites to be wildly out of touch with reality, in both directions. In fact we stopped tracking their rankings because were literally useless compared to our own metrics. It is very possible that they are making this move because their original business model was not gaining traction…

  9. Opening up the search index to developers is inconsequential…90% of search users out want something simple, relevant and fast. Let’s remember that Google’s advantage is its brand…as much as its technology (bandwidth, etc). As long as “Google” is a part of the english lexicon…search viewed as a best-in-class technology is irrelevant. Much like Coke and Pepsi are basically the same…most people switched to Pepsi in the past few years not because of the formula, but because of BS (Brittany Spears).

  10. Commoditizing the huge storage and cpu power available can only mean good things for the end consumer, since geeks can now purchase a small slice and have a ‘play’ really easily.

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