20 thoughts on “Like Yahoo, SIPphone offers Penny A Minute Calling”

  1. What I would do is I allow any interconnect provider to offer thier services, just like dial aroundservices in PSTN. Except there is no need for extra digits or two staged dialing because they could be handled by UI. But then it is just me.

  2. i almost moove to Gizmo,
    BUT have you seen pprices out of the US.
    it is easy to say i offer 1 cent per minute within US and 4.9 cent pper minute to call European countries…
    i prefer skype or Glootix.com

  3. Om you’re hilarious….I like your comment on the “MCI Web Calling for Windows Live Callâ€? …I am LMAO!..Keep rockin…I think MS lacks the creative ability…they just go with whatver comes to there mind i guess!..which is pretty lame…I wouldnt even remember it the next time…

  4. from VOIP Watch:
    “Already SipPhone has embedded SIP servers in the University of California campuses across the state. That means students can make free direct dial calls to one another and home using Gizmo and Gizmo out. They can add a Gizmo In number as well.”

    wow! that is big news, isnt it? what does this mean for skype and others?

  5. Microsoft should have let MCI (read Verizon) name the service. Would have been “fooniqy” or something equally profound . . .

  6. Om, this VOIP battle is going to become the battle of attrition. Almost all well funded players are going to be be in this arena. Calls are really cheap at a penny a min. Where do the major players go from here? Where does the question of breaking come in? Any thoughts?

  7. Michael Robertson is a smart guy, but it beats me how he can make money on a penny a minute…
    termination costs aren’t much less. and that is before operating expenses etc.
    Are they rounding the minutes, or do they have some kind of trick that no one else has figured out??

  8. moshe

    i agree.. and its not just him. everyone want’s to do this and basically loose money. get the subscribers and flip the sucker like skype mentality?

  9. I think that these players are all going to use the loss leader play. Then come back to the user base with an ala carte menu of add in’s that will add incremental costs per transaction. Also, about the flip, remember that every good plan includes an exit strategy.

  10. This is kind turning like a hot war.

    Any ways I dont see any innovative product that has come after Windows 3.1 from Microsoft 🙂
    Microsoft Earth comes in as latest copy.
    I think its big time Microsoft should look at innovating rather then copying other great ideas.

  11. I’m trying Magic-jack and so far it is great.After the purch of the plug in unit in the usb port,it was easy to do to make it work.The cost for the next year is only 19.95 a year.. I think it will go over big compared to the others i looked at.

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