3 thoughts on “VoIP being blocked in Qatar”

  1. Is Vonage supposed to work in Qatar? Do they support it?

    Why should QTel care to help Vonage’s business? Perhaps Vonage should give QTel a cut of revenue? Or Vonage users in Qatar should show QTel that they only bought broadband to use Vonage – making Vonage a pull.

  2. Do they support it? That is a very scary question.
    It suggests that QTel must make some sort of specal arrangement to make Vontage work. They don’t. In fact they must make specal arrangements to make Vontage NOT work.
    ISPs in general have been getting into this idea of needing to provide support for everything that comes over the network. It’s just not true.
    I know nither my bosses ISP nore my home ISP supports SSH yet I use SSH at work to log into my computer at home.
    It all uses TCP/IP and every ISP supports that.

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