11 thoughts on “Gizmo Project hit with Mac Users”

  1. They did a nice job of it…Styled somewhat like iChat.
    It should probably be the podCasters phone of choice as you don’t have to jump through hoops to record a conversation…unlike Skype.

  2. The “3% Mac marketshare” thing is wholy misleading. If you look at share by personal use or by people who get to choose which computer they use (as opposed to forced by IT), the share is much larger.

  3. While what you’re saying is true, it does only apply to non-enterprise applications for now. Apple has chosen to avoid the whole enterprise market and focus on end-user experience, and it’s only natural to assume that the platform would lead startups to the same direction.

    Apple is able to make their users excited about their products, and whatever else that works on them. This excitement is something you can’t get anywhere else and hard to come by.

  4. —–Given that Mac is less than 5% of the computer market, it is interesting to see the adoption rates are much higher—–

    actually you are talking about two different things, the Mac Sales every quarter is less than 5% of the computing market, but Apple is only in a small segment of the computing market, in the Home, where Apple actually has a market, Macs represent atleast 10% of the installed base of computers actually being used, especially on the internet.

    then if you include the work place, (which your market is probably not in yet) then Mac’s share of installed base drops to less than half this, to about 4%…

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