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  1. You seem to imply there’s a causal relation between the presence of the sync agent on the phone and the inability to sync to more than one Mac. How does that work?

  2. Bought from Nokia Direct July 25th 2005 6:00am.

    Saw 6682 on site the 23rd but read alot before buying… I hope it serves up all I have seen so far ..
    Really want Nokia N70’s EDGE version for 850/1800/1900 but will wait til it shows up.

  3. I’ve had a 6680 for 6 weeks here in the UK from Orange. It’s developed many quirks (often won’t save pics, often can’t access gallery) as it goes along and ocassionally goes totally tits up and has to reset. I’ve tried the much appreciated advice listed above to get it to sync with no joy:( It’s still a great phone tho, despite no Nokia software, Orange billing me double and offering minimal support:(

  4. My isync agent wont install on 6680 due to a ‘security error’ no other advise given nor can I find the reason. Anyone help?

  5. Yeh im having the exact same problem, i tried to turn off the security settings but didnt work. Still keep geting 2 ‘security error’. So… anyone any ideas?

  6. Went to App Manager — Application downloads – Options – settings and Changed Software installation from ‘signed only’ to ‘on’ then the installation of the agent worked.

    Just took time and trial and error to get it.

  7. Hello!

    Is it possible to connect the Nokia 6680 with mac and transfer the pictures from the phone to the mac? And how do i do this?

  8. I have spent a while now trying to set up my 6680 to my mac. I have iSync 2.1, all seems as though it should run smoothly, but when it comes to the mac downloading iSync onto the phone, the phone rejects it saying it is an error.
    What do you suggest? Thanks.

  9. isync all installed on mine – all good, except it will only sync from phone to mac, not the other way round – any advice out there?? Feel free to hurl abuse if its me being daft!

  10. has the phone shown up in your isync. go and click on – turn 6680 synchronization. if it doesn’t work, remove the bluetooth pairing and restart. it works from isync. not sure why the problem.

  11. Thats all on, its showing up, its transferred my calender to my phone. But I left my contacts in my phone blank ready to sync from the Mac and it keeps telling me it has amends to my computer of 196 records to delete, which i’m guessing is it telling me its going to update my records with a blank set, so I have aborted the sync, can’t find any settings which allow a 2 way sync?

  12. Ok. all synced but it will not transfer info from computer to phone in contacts, only the other way round. Its trying to delete all my address book and replace with mobile phone contacts – anyone any ideas?

  13. Hi,
    While I’m able to easily create a Bluetooth pair with the 6682 from
    my powerbook, every time I try to sync (contacts only, a specific
    group) the iSync app
    immediately crashes.

    What I’ve tried so far:
    1) quit all unnecessary daemons and programs (ie: APE manager,
    Quickeys, etc.)
    2) Repaired permissions
    3) Booted into Safe Boot mode
    4) Deleted the BlueTooth pair numerous times
    5) Turned the phone off and on
    6) Drew a pentagram and prayed to the dark gods for mercy

    Every single bleedin’ time, iSync crashes.
    The 6682 is listed on Apple’s iSync site as a compatible device.

    Does any one have any ideas on a fix for this?

    Thanks, any help is appreciated

  14. Sorry, no answers, only questions…

    I’ve foolishly just bought another Communicator, this time the 9500. Been through various chatrooms, and got as far as altering the connection scripts, adding the 9500icon, downloading Sync Agent to my 9500.

    My mac keeps telling me install Sync Agent, which it transmits by Bluetooth. When i receive this file, where should I save it to?

  15. To sync devices re address book from computer to phone first reset deices in isync. Make sure you have no entries in phone and then sync. This will send data from computer to phone not other way round

  16. I am having problems viewing phone contents on my G4 powerbook when I am browsing 6680 using bluetooth browser, It wont show and directory or file information and wont let me create new folder from within tiger. isync working fine though

  17. re: transfer large files

    thanks for the tip. synching works great.

    is there a way to transfer a large file (3gp for example) to the memory card in my phone. Bluetooth file excahnge seems to default to internal phone memory, so I can’t receive the video that I have room on the memory card to hold.

  18. re: transfer large files

    Ah, figured it out, if you don’t want to post the previous message.

    Menu->Messaging->Options->Settings->Other->Memory Card in Use->Memory Card

  19. thank you so much for this nice chat, i found you guys on google and was abble to sync my nokia 6680 reading all your messages, it now work fine, cheers

  20. I follow the instructions above for setting up my new 6680 to sync, but at no point do I have to accept the iSync Agent (it clearly isn’t being installed), and the only option I get is to use my phone to access the Internet. The prefs for allowing programs to install on my phone are as they should be. How do I get the agent to install??

  21. I do have serious problems with syncing my mac and nokia 6680. I have tried “everything” but it will not work. My previous phone was a SonyEricsson K700i, with the same problem. I started iSync, it took FOREVER to sync a few phonenumbersm and a week of appointments… Forever is in this context somewere near 30-90 minutes. Anyone have a DETAILED solution? I´m running OS X.4.6, iSync version is 2.2. Also remember that this was a problem on previous phones as well. Probably a MACproblem…

  22. I never saw a response to the question of whether the Nokia 9300 can sync Entourage and/or address book to a Mac?? any info would be greatly appreciated

  23. you can sync 9300 with isync to ical etc. i think now there is a new version of entourage that lets you sync to dot.mac and uses isync to sync with most nokia devices. i have not tried it but i think it should.

  24. My 6680 works great and syncs beautifully with my MAC (contacts, ical and to do). I’m trying to figure out how to get all the sms I’ve sent from the 6680 into my mac. Has anyone managed to do that? I’ve tried Nokia Collector – freeware (MAC and 6680 connect but no information gets transferred from phone to MAC) and Phone Director 1.1 – free trial ( the 6680 not supported by this software). I would be willing to pay but just cannot manage to find a software to do this for me. Thank for your help.

  25. hi, i have a nokia 6682, i’m trying to connect it to my g5 with isync, but when i try to add the device, isync shows me an alert that say: no device found… but i can see in the PROFILE that the nokia 6682 is correctly plug in… what should i do?… thanks…

  26. Hey everyone…just got the 6682 today and I’ve been trying to get custom background images (that I made in photoshop, they are JPEGs) off my Mac and onto the phone. Is this even possible? I connect both with the supplied USB cable and nothing happens. I was hoping it would be as easy as mounting any other USB drive or device, but I guess not. thoughts? thank you in advance.

    A plate of cookies to the first one with the answer to my problem 🙂

  27. hi i just downloaded isync2.1 to try and get the photos etc off my nokia6680. when i try to install it on my mac it says it needs me to specify an application. what does this mean?

  28. hi i just downloaded isync2.1 to try and get the photos etc off my nokia6680. when i try to install it on my mac it says it needs me to specify an application. what does this mean?

  29. hi i just downloaded isync2.1 to try and get the photos etc off my nokia6680. when i try to install it on my mac it says it needs me to specify an application. what does this mean?

  30. I have a brand new mac book with isync 2.3 and nokia 6682. I managed to sync contact list but i cant synchronize calendar. what am I doing wrong? I tried restarting but every time the connection seems to be dropped.

  31. I have a Nokia 6680 & a PowerBook G4. My Bluetooth connection is great for sending one photo at a time from my phone to my computer. Any way I can send multiple photos simultaneously?

    Also I have noticed that I can only browse (using default apple bluetooth utility, isync or nokia connector) one folder on the nokia. How do I browse the entire contents of the phone?

    I can sync contacts, calender etc. fine.

    Looking forward to any replies! Thanks a bunch for your help!

  32. Either I am missing something very simple, or there simply is NO WAY OF TRANSFERING SMS FROM 6680 to my Mac.
    How the hell do you do it? I have 100+ imp messages, and I want to transfer them on to the mac. I’ve been stuck for hours, and there is no support.

  33. Hi there I have browsed the comments above. I have had a nokia 6680 for over 6 months and had given up on syncing as I only upgraded to Tiger yesterday. I found cheap 65-in-1 card readers on ebay for well on the right side of a tenner! I know this obviously does not allow syncing but it is the simplest solution for moving 3gp films on to your phone… Has anyone else tried this?



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