15 thoughts on “Battle of the Quad Cores”

  1. “EETimes says there isn’t much difference between the two might be not that much,…”

    The above clause may need editing to clarify its intended meaning

  2. Thanks Eideard for clearing that up – I was expecting someone to put the English major’s in their place. Anyways, good article, can’t wait to read the Multicore article. It think it would be good to get a test going for each, I am sure there has to be some difference.

  3. Okay all typos fixed. Guys – sorry about that. very late night writing and sometimes after spending more than 14 hours in front of the computer screen, eyes play tricks.

  4. Aaron,

    Totally working on it right now and well, much fewer typos. I think this is an interesting chip – it does a lot more to put the industry forward and AMD is trying to shift the focus away from the clock speeds. More later. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions please send them my way.

  5. Coming tomorrow: Do MultiCore Processors Matter?

    The simple answer is yes.

    The main reason for multi-core processors is for servers. When you put multiple cores in a computer verses multiple processors you save energy. SUN has been putting multi-core systems out for quite a long time now with SPARC. They’ve been primarily used in server farms where they company is looking for the best bang for the buck.

    A multi-core processor will out preform a single core in almost all server envornments. That is because server software has been designed to use multiple threads for the software.

    As for desktops, at this point there is no real need for more cores… yet. The issue here is that the software for the desktop is only slowly starting to take advantage of multiple cores.

    Take a look at the Mac Pro with 8 cores. Even with the backing of a *NIX based OS, most software does not preform better on this platform. There are certain pieces of software that will, such as final cut and other high end software. This is because it was designed for multiple cores and processors in mind.

    The real question is; when will more software support multiple cores? We know that the more cores the better, but the software is what is holding us back right now.

  6. Many of our servers are running dual quad core intel proc. they are very fast, run cool, and most importantly very stable. Our servers working 24/7 providing an offsite secure data backup worldwide. we chose the quad core proc as they are not signficangly pricier than the dual core, and let our users enjot the extra cpu power.

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