4 thoughts on “Matisse, An Optical Startup, Gets $45 Million”

  1. Om,

    I was a principal at Lantern – we were able to make a decent exit at $20M+ in 2004. Ours was great optical technology – I still swear by it. It was the business of selling large boxes to large, slow moving carriers that killed us.

    Matisse will have it’s task cut out. Many a startup has failed at selling to large customers – those who succeeded only did so because a large vendor got interested and acquired them (think Timetra).

    Those who succeeded by selling to small IOCs, are barely squeezing by. Not interesting enough to be acquired, not losing enough cash to die quickly (think Turin, Calix).

    And the list of dead optical startups can put shivers up any Entrepreneur’s spine – Tropic, Luminous, etc… Fire sales all…

    Best of luck Matisse – I wish you succeed where so many have failed!

  2. Om,
    What do you think about Matisse now? They entered into a partnership agreement with South Korea-based iCRAFT, provider of core backbone network infrastructure and access migration solutions, for reselling and supporting its product line. But so far, it seems to be their only channel. They seem to be having a rather difficult time getting new customers.

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