One thought on “An argument against MuniNets”

  1. I agree completely. I live in one of countless rural areas in the state of Pennsylvania, where people like myself are stuck with one monolithic rural provider (Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises and their vast network of satellite companies) who effectively exercises an absolute monopoly on the entire region and thus feels reasonably confident enough to dictate to the consumer what they’ll pay, and what kind of service – or lack thereof – they can expect to receive. I’m entirely at the mercy of the above-mentioned company, which is staffed from the ground up by incompetent wastes of life who make more in a single month than I’ll make all this year, and yet I can do their job better than they can and in fact have already done so on several occasions, taking matters into my own hands because I couldn’t stand leaving anything up to them anymore because all they did was screw shit up. They’re worthless and don’t belong sucking air. But enough of that; the point is: If companies like Verizon would stop ignoring rural America and stop penalizing us just because we refuse to live in the rat-race of urban areas, maybe we wouldn’t feel so helpless and without choices.

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