2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Rural Wireless ISP”

  1. Om, thank you for posting this. While parts of my talk focused on the obstacles faced by small, rural, independent, and wireless ISPs, I hope that, overall, viewers will see it as optimistic. All WISPs need are policy decisions which are not harmful to us — or perhaps, if it’s not too much to ask, just mildly supportive of our efforts — and we can do great good for the economy, education, political participation, and consumer choice.

  2. I have a long, eight part story about the struggles of a small town to get broadband service and how they finally got it. It is an eye opener for people who are not directly involved in the WISP industry and a reflection of the everyday struggles that WISPs face. Medicine Bow is about a 90 minute drive from Laramie.

    Parts I and II of the story have been posted on the site.

    My intention is to feature more articles about WISPs in the future. If you have a story that you would like to share with the world, please contact me at wirelesscowboy -at- vistabeam.com.

    Matt Larsen

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