3 thoughts on “Cablevision Wi-Fi Cloud Is Getting Easier, Smarter & Busier”

  1. Interesting article Om.
    French ISP ‘Free’ is an interesting case study as well: the Successful ISP (Some might say Wunderkind) was awarded a Mobile License (Fourth in France) and must reach 25% population coverage within 2 years (Would then be able to negotiate 2G roaming with incumbent MNOs)

    The company will be compelled to adopt an innovative approach to network coverage: Free already enabled an open WiFi system with their ADSL boxes, as WiFi is available to other Free Subscribers (Available Bandwith only, opt-out feature).

    On top of that, Free is the only company holding a national WiMAX license (Only available for sedentary use, no hand-over allowed)

    Of course, WiFi and WiMAX Femtocells come to mind: Necessity is the mother of invention they say…

  2. Well the big gotcha here for AT+T and Cablevision is that Cablevision has minimal Manhattan presence, where the need for this kind of Wi-Fi offload is greatest for AT+T. I can’t speak to how well or poorly AT+T does in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, where Cablevision has a footprint, but in Manhattan the AT+T network is really oversubscribed.

    If either Cablevision or AT+T or both want Manhattan Wi-Fi, I’d gladly build a network for both of them, having just lit Times Square for Yahoo, and Union Square and Rockefeller Plaza for NBC/Syfy. The carriers need to think seriously about what Andrew Garcia in eWeek today called ‘muni lite’ Wi-Fi deployments if they are to address the explosion of demand for mobile data, which is slated to grow at 129% CAGR over the next six years.

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