15 thoughts on “And Now Its AT&T's Turn To Sue Vonage”

  1. I think the tattering management of AT&T has no option but to make money or justify their position by suing high risers — I wonder, what would they do , when eBay/Skype’s mobile will hit the market — bunch of loose-rs!

  2. I am not sure how the patent stuff works, but as a user/consumer, I was and is satisfied with the service provided by Vonage.(I have used its service both in US & Canada).I hope the behemoths won’t kill this company.

    Just wondering if I will be forced to look out for a new telephone service soon.Its sad!!

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  4. Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t buy their stock last week. LOL

    The stock price doubled after the Sprint settlement was announced, and now they are going have to do the same thing all over again with AT&T. Do you think their stock will tank again today?

    There have been a bunch of posts around the net wondering why Vonage didn’t keep going in the fight against Sprint. The settlement they signed was way worse than what the courts handed down. The only reason I can see is that Sprint had a piece of technology that Vonage thought they really needed.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  5. If Vonage is so miniscule in what they are doing compared to the big telco’s, why are they being sued out of existence?!?!?!? The patent system is broken. And something is wrong when the little guy in our country can be sued literally to death. What motives could they have to sue Vonage? Do they feel threatened, if not now, then eventually? Or is it just 100% bully tactics? I really wish there was a safety mechanism in our country, when it is clear that the big guys are just suing the little guys to put them out of business.

  6. I wonder how could simple telephony companies have so many patents when they exist in every corner of the world. Cannot trust these big guys like Verizon and AT&T when there sole aim is to suck blood out of customers. I am sure this has to do with the way Vonage is coming in their way and providing cheap and reliable enough phone service over internet.

  7. Vonage is starting to sound like a WWF Wrestling tag team match, except Vonage doesn’t have anyone in their corner.

    Sprint was Hulk Hogan, Verizon was Andre The Giant and now The Undertaker coming in from AT&T.

    I do have to admit, Vonage has hung in longer than I thought they would as I never thought much of their business plan, but looking at the recent suits, you just have to say “damm”

  8. Vonage is good company wat I see happening is an old game of monopoly. You have all the customer bought because there options are cut out of options but vonage say hey now you have an option and you can come with us we will give you 25 extra features and we will charge you low at that…. That is a best deal for a VoIP company what other way can they offer it to you as a consumer.. Big company have all the advantage of phone is already owned…. So lets think for a minute…

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