10 thoughts on “With TakeTV, SanDisk's Video Strategy Takes Shape”

  1. Globally speaking, every device simplifying the connection between a PC and a large flat TV to transmit video content is useful :

    The PC becomes the main, if not unique, device to receive and store movies, from the Internet & VOD servers. For young people and students, the PC is also the only screen to watch the movies. For older people, the large flat TV is the preferred screen, and these John Doe’s
    – do not want to be tangled in cables linking the TV and the PC.
    – do not have enough time to burn a DVD on the PC and then to read it on the DVD player connected to the TV

    Naturally, one assume here the movies received on the PC from the Internet are encoded with a quality level allowing to comfortably watch them on a 42″ screen, not speaking of miserable 480×360px Youtube video…

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