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  2. Even if someone gives it to me for free, I still cannot afford to live in it! Think property tax, and to lesser extents insurance and maintenace.

    Will I be enjoying my time there? Only if I have someone cleaning toilets, windows, vacuuming and doing other household chores.

  3. John C,

    Great pad it is! Its incredible to me how pricey Tribeca is, although at about $1200/Sq. Ft., this condo doesnt seem that overpriced.

    I am a real estate agent with Citi-Habitats, focusing on residential sales. It is a shame that New Yorkers either have to contact a broker, or sift through 15-10 websites to find good listings.

    Was going to start http://www.urbandigs.com as a real estate search engine to solve that problem, with the same search technology as another site I started, http://www.hotspothaven.com (wifi access finder). But, it was going to be way too expensive, and now that I see Trulia, dont know if I can beat that!

    As a broker, I use Corcoran’s TAXI system to find listings for my clients. Its fantastic, but as you say, there is nothing out there in the public domain for New York apartment hunters.

    If I can ever help you find something here in NYC, dont hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help!!

    Have you considered DUMBO, Brooklyn or new constructions? The tax abatement on new developments gives you savings on monthly, but usually with higher purchase prices. Look at http://www.70washington.com, in DUMBO. Great building!


  4. This NYT article mentions some of the MLS situation in NYC if anyone’s interested. Finding housing in NYC totally sucks unless you’ve got money to burn.

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  5. Trulia is an Interesting site however i must mention that i came across a great New York City based real estate site called CityCrybs.com. It seems like it is not a vertical site yet a comprehensive classifieds site with a diverse selection of properties listed by local agents and landlords. Lots of pictures and also google maps for each customized search. Check it out http://www.citycrybs.com

  6. Tight Google map integration is definitely the trend of the next gen real estate search engine.

    Take a look at http://www.housingrobots.com In additional to what Trulia is providing, they have a couple of unique features that I can’t find in similar sites.

    1) “SCHOOL-FIRST” search where buyer can have an overview of top school districts and start from there.

    2) “PRICE-HISTORY” tracking, so you see all the price changes of the houses.

    3) “SURROUNDING” info. They provide surrounding schools, restaurants, church and bank info for their listed house. Very handy.

    4) Their Google Map integration is very well done. All the nearby cities will be updated when you move around. Unlike Trulia which give an approximation at high zoom level, their housing information is accurate at all zoom level.

    5) I also like their Google Earth integration

    Take a look to see if you like it.

    Rgds, Ricky

  7. http://www.urbanregistry.com? Has anyone heard of this NY-centric website launched silently last month? The beta version carries thousands of “for sale” listings and thirty thousand “rental” listings on the website. The largest numbers are in Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are some in Queens, several in Staten Island as well, and the Bronx not left behind. Numerous rentals throw out an error message, but the way the rental market is in NYC, it’s not surprising. The data could do with some clean up, but it’s getting there, so users won’t see error messages. Take a look. Besides, currently there’s no sign-up required. [Will this appear, if it’s not filtered, in bold! Hope not] Thanks, Om.

    (By the way, I’m not sure why the font here is in extra bold)

  8. I had never heard NY has no MLS system in place. That is insane. Google maps was a big discussion at the Google SXC west this past weekend.

    I also agree with Rick Ho, #5 gEarth INt. is really a cool tool to use.

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