8 thoughts on “And now Yahoo wants a piece of iPod”

  1. Before Yahoo to get into any other ventures they should make sure their present product, Yahoo Messenger, works properly. Almost everyone l chat with ( when l can get a connection) compains of continually being disconnected and unable to reconnect with Yahoo. Getting into a room takes ages and often timed out before connecting. I will never use any other Yahoo products until they get Messenger right

  2. You forgot to mention the Creative Zen Vision player, which is better than the iPod. The iPod unfairly dominates the market. Everything is always iPod and Creative gets go recogition.

  3. I wonder what will be fate of these devices, with the convergence of multimedia features in cellphones. Why would people want to carry a music player like this, when they are getting good enough features on the cell phones. Like the nokia n5300 and now n95 and the iphone.

  4. doesn’t sandisk also have a deal with realnetworks? how does the yahoo! music deal affect that relationship?

  5. Davin, since when is business fair? Many would argue that the iPod is superior, including me, because of the iTunes integration. Apple didn’t give up its iron grip last week because no other player will integrate as well with iTunes if at all. It’s iTunes that provides the lock-in, not the DRM. iTunes preceded the iPod so competitors have had an even longer time to design better software, but haven’t.

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