8 thoughts on “Jajah… talking too much?”

  1. By calling PSP “paper weight” you have insulted all the homebrew developers.

    Maybe you should try custom firmware on a psp before calling it names.

  2. SF,

    you are a much smarter person than I am – I don’t spend a lot of time on gadgets after i lose interest in them. for me it is just a paper weight… of course smart folks like you are doing amazing things with it.

  3. @Om@SF

    hahaha, love the response Om. Homebrew is great if you have the time SF, but who does?

    Custom firmware and hacks add functionality that should be there in the original system. Mainstream users need everything working right when they open the box… and unless your homebrew solution is simple enough for a 10 year old (and have no chance for bricking your machine) it’s not worth it. With a quick google search


    I’ve found that this isn’t the case…

  4. I couldn’t agree with the article any more. I actually wrote about this several weeks ago when they issued a press release touting interoperability with the iPhone.

  5. Don’t blame the poor PR-shmoe, but however, why waste time with service working on xyz phones when you have a service like Mobivox that works with any phone… Mobivox allows free Skype calls worldwide from any mobile, no pc, no download… very simple, plus inexpensive VoIP calls from mobile to any phone.

    Happy Easter! X

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