17 thoughts on “Meet Angry Birds the Next Big Entertainment Franchise (Video)”

  1. Welcome to the dark side, Om.

    I pulled two all-nighters because of Angry Birds for iPad. People I’ve recommended Angry Birds to have called me cruel because of how it disrupted their lives. Finally had to uninstall it.

    My name is Paul, and I haven’t touched Angry Birds for 9 days now…

      1. Good luck, my friend.

        Rock bottom comes after you’ve completed all the levels and go back to max your scores in each one. Recognize the signs.

    1. This may sound silly, but my I was introduced to Angry Birds by my coworker whose name is also Paul. And yes, I think it was indeed ‘cruel’ on his part…

  2. I own a N900 and a friend of mine told me about the game. After much insistence from him I finally installed it.

    I think I know now how drug dealers make a living 🙂

    It is one of the only 3 games in my life I have actually paid to get. Enough said.

  3. That’s when I gave up. I completed it expecting something to happen and it simply said go back and try and get better scores. Now I’m addicted to Monster Dash and it’s global scoreboard.

  4. I have been addicted to Angry Birds ever since i bought it, it’s one of those games you can’t let go off just to see if you can finish the next stage, so far it’s my #1 go-to game application.
    Angy Birds developers are constantly upgrading it and giving away free updates, i’m sure more levels will arise soon, be patient.

  5. It is hilarious to hear the guy on the left describe the first time he laid his eyes on these little angry birds 🙂

  6. I am a BlackBerry user and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Except two things that are dragging me to the dark side – Angry Birds and Flight Control!

    So now I “steal” my wife’s iPhone for some ‘me’ time with Angry Birds. When I finished all levels – I thought I was done! But no, it drags you back in – this time to better your stars (or scores for the two of you who not played this game). And it never ends!

    I am not easy to get addicted to anything – but Angry Birds, you have me hooked. And who knows maybe it will come to a point where I may dump the secure world of BlackBerry for an insecure world, but with the birds and the pigs.

    Welcome to hell Om – and good luck getting any creative work done till you get 3 stars in all levels!

  7. 100,000 euros? WTF? It’s not much more than a physics engine demo. And they NEVER DID ELIMIATE LUCK. You’re at the mercy of how the crap falls.

  8. I (too) am a recent addict!! I rave so much about it that a bunch of my team members downloaded the Lite version and then ended up buying it 🙂

  9. my score is 16 Million+ and I’ve exhausted almost all of my points….I’m about 3K shy of being 5th in the “local” scoreboard…and I’m about 132 in the nation.

    Globally is just says that I’m “>5000”

    once my buddy told me about the score board I became hooked….now I’m constantly trying to beat the person in front of my, plus it makes my train ride go by quick.

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