5 thoughts on “Rumor: RIM Bought App Maker DataViz”

  1. If true, this is bad news for Android users. The only other MS Office compatible editing/creation app is QuickOffice, which has among other glaring shortcomings no copy/paste functionality, although it does integrate with Dropbox and other online file storage solutions. If Docs-to-Go leaves the scene for Android, then it is QuickOffice only, unless Google finally wants to get serious about making Google Docs functional for mobile use and integration with MS Office. I can’t imagine MS wanting to develop a product for the Android market.

  2. Documents to Go is big on a number of platforms, including (gasp!) the iPhone – in fact I’d say they are the de facto office suite there. It’s going to be interesting how this plays out. 🙂

  3. True enough about the iPhone and Docs-to-Go. But, a fully functioning version of QuickOffice is available on that platform and Apple has already committed to iWork for the iPad and it doesn’t seem too much of a jump for it to be ported over to the other iDevices. Android doesn’t have anything comparable, I sense a bit of a strategic problem for Android in this, but maybe QuickOffice and others will fill the gap.

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