42 thoughts on “Announcing the GigaOM App for the iPhone & iPod touch”

  1. Very nice. Congrats on getting that out!

    (And may I be the first to say, uh, it doesn’t seem to be accepting my gigaompro credentials. No worries, I’m sure that’ll get sorted out.)

    1. Thank you for the kind note Brian. We’re really excited! (Login is now fixed – give it a go)

    1. Same question. Expect growth of Android phones to keep outpacing Apple. I’m using the browser for most reading, but some of the site specific Android Apps are really nice to use, like Engadgets.

      1. Its only outpacing it right now because Android is on all the carriers. Once the iPhone is on Verizon you will see that come to a screeching halt. It will be entertaining to see.

    2. so android app is next. Need to find a good dev partner. No plans on an iPad app for now. We will be going for an HTML5 website as well.

      1. Please reconsider and roll out an iPad version soonest.

        Strictly selfish reasons, Om. I don’t own an iPhone or iPod – and not especially likely to wander into the Android world in the near term.

        But, I’m crazy about my iPad.

  2. I’ve been waiting and I already enjoy it. Thanks! And now I ask for the HD iPad version…. 🙂

  3. Awesome app!! Already using it to put this comment 🙂

    Thanks this will make gigaom much more accessible

  4. Congratulations Om to you and your team at Gigaom.
    I am an avid reader of Gigaom and I am glad to hear this great news, now I can read Gigaom on the fly. I often wondered why Gigaom did not have an app.
    Congrats once again

  5. While I enjoy the convenience of the Engadget app, it really is just a condensed version of their site. Good at conveying the content but not necessarily distinct from their site experience. Maybe it’s just a personal preference but the way the Gigaom app displays the content has a certain polish that lends it self to a unique mobile experience. That said, ultimately it is the content that keeps us coming back.

    Hopefully Om can find an Android dev that can provide a similar experience.

    Which brings up an interesting point – cross platform dev. Om, as a content provider, how do you feel about writing multiple native apps (and paying for dev costs) vs writing once in a cross platform enviroment, assuming one currently existed? Sorry to open this can-o-worms during your release party…

    1. Sam,

      The value for me is this- I access GigaOM when travelling to work. Normally I fire it up through mobile safari or read topics from Om’s twitter. The areas I travel do not offer me a best of net coverage all the time. One thing which i observed in 2 days of GigaOm app usage is that content gets loaded much faster (maybe you cache it at load?). Its made my access to GigaOm much better, faster and I see it on my “deck” all the time.

    1. Joe

      It is hard to get the Blackberry apps done. There are so few developers and costs are just prohibitive. Sometimes one has to make tough choices.

  6. Very nice app. Good thought process and execution. As usual, GigaOm never stops giving.

  7. Congrats on launch of iPhone app. Waiting for the Android app – don’t disappoint Android users by making us wait longer. In future, it is ideal to launch/push updates for Android/Iphone together.

  8. Looks good.
    Some suggestions:

    You guys spend time and money on it, why not promote it? Detect in the future new readers coming to gigaom web and not using the [iphone] app., insert a link to app for these users. I mean in a few days, how does one know it exists without searching for it. People who download are most likely recurring readers.

    The comments UI seems to be flaky. Shows comments [20] on loading then goes to 0. Just tried it again and it worked and next it didn’t. Oh well, working on it. Are you?

  9. Dang it requires a minimum 3.1.2 Iphone Software update! I have been holding off as the phone works fine without it.

  10. Hi Om,

    Any reason why this App requires a iPhone OS 3.1.2? I am running 3.0 and am unable to use this as of now.


  11. Really, another bleepin’ app from a web site? Sorry, you will remain a bookmark in the browser. An app needs to DO SOMETHING beyond providing words and pictures.

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