11 thoughts on “Announcing, the GigaOM Survey Winner”

  1. matthew,

    one thing which the numbers tell me – extreme intelligence of my audience. which is why writing here not only fun, but also quite challenging. I think this sets an even higher bar for me, and I need to deliver.

    Slashdoc, for me, you are a high profile reader. thanks for being part of the conversation. I appreciate that

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  3. Om, The stats are interesting (and great), and you certainly had a large enough response size to get relevant results. I did the same survey of TC readers a couple of weeks ago. When I gather that data, let’s compare notes.

  4. nice survey – had some small follow up Qs =>

    1. how many readers do you have?? I see close to 3200 readers on Bloglines and seeing that around 40% of good blogs have it subscribed thru’ Bloglines I think it would translate in the ballpark range between 7500 to 9000! wow thats soo cool.

    2. This stat ” India is the #2 geo (tied with Canada & ahead of the UK) after the US ” does it mean => people from India, Canada and US are more proactive? i.e taking up survey and leaving comments? or is it the general trend in tech sites?

  5. I’ve reading this blog for a while and it’s amazing how it grows up; now I know why! you have some good quality readers over here mate!
    44% IT’s? that’s a good percentage! I only have a 6% ;-(

    Anyway, excellent blog, I like how is it organized. I don’t like very much the ads everywhere, but the design is so easy to read that they become something natural here 😉


  6. guys thanks for your kind comments and support. appreciate that. vinu, specifically to your question, i think the daily readership is close to about 45,000 folks. this includes about 3200 in bloglines, 4000 or so in rojo plus other reader-software. the split if 50/50 between RSS and HTML as per october data i collected. should have more #s later. India as “geo” well it means the folks coming to the site are from India. not sure I can really say anything more than that.

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