15 thoughts on “Best of GigaOM, eBook Available Now”

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  2. Hey mike, thanks a ton for your kind words. I think you are doing a spectacular job yourself, so don’t be too modest. thanks again for stopping by and your note.

  3. Thanks Om,
    These days the first link I open when I start my browser is GIGAOM.COM.
    A great ebook of your best posts. I am printing it right now and pasting it on top of my wall.


  4. Congratulations – You remain one of the best known names in tech blogging and clearly an inspiration to fellow bloggers. would have loved to see three more postings( All these actually remain fresh in my mind after several months of getting published – Testimony to its power) of his in this e-book – one titled – The global internet shift, Asia is where the action is where he made the famous statement –“The axis of technology has shifted to south china seaâ€? & the widely read posting on internet’s deflationary effects with guest post by Robert Young titled Google – the ultimate deflator.

  5. guys

    thank you for your kind words. well, if we are successful with this one, i will be bringing out another one soon enough for you folks to download and print.

    michael, the best part…. communicating with other bloggers…

  6. Thanks for the eBook Om. Don’t get me wrong, free is good. But I thought I would mention I would be willing to pay 3-5 bucks for something like this if you added some orginal content to it. I enjoy your insightful writing and don’t mind paying for it (like I do w/ Business 2.0).

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