7 thoughts on “AOL’s VoIP-Video Enabled IM”

  1. If the IM networks were open, stuff like this would have been delivered a decade ago.

    Google could easily eliminate the other networks by introducing a well-implemented Jabber-based, open IM client.

  2. “Would you ever have thought in 1996 that this computer is going to be used for … sending stuff to mobile phones and initiating calls over the Internet?”

    Uhmm…yes. More like “fully expected”.

  3. MSN claimed that they upgraded their client for voice and video communication. Now AOL. I wonder whether they are really responses to Skype. I think it is time the ENUM group (http://www.sienum.co.uk/lookup.php) better add mapping capability to MSN, AOL, Yahoo, FWD, SIPPhone ad nausem.

    More to the point, is Skype becoming another client that we will have along with these multiple IM clients?

  4. Yes that is true, and i think the ENUM group should try and get its act together. I think it is time the non-skype community got its act together and stop with their geek fetishes over everything.

  5. Aswath, I think SKype has already replaced all the other IM clients for those who are tech-savy. It’s been a long time since I used AIM, but I can’t say that for Skype (both voice and chat).

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