11 thoughts on “Appfuel Joins The Facebook Ad Party”

  1. Hi Om, although the idea is simple enough, I agree with you that this will not go far on one platform only. I even doubt it will easily work across multiple platforms as the service providers usually want to keep a firm grip on the advertisement in their networks. On a very similar subject, I watched a very cool presentation by Jonathan Harris yesterday at Picnic 2007. This guy has done some amazing projects by tracking millions of blog posts on specific items (he looked at the words “I feel”and “I am feeling”). Not only did he get massive amounts of data on users, he also was able to create new, intuitive interfaces to explore everything. Anyone in the business of targeted ads should look at this work. It provides a lot of inspiration. If interested check out this post:

  2. First off, thanks for the post Om! With regards to one of the comments above, I can absolutely see how some might think “another” facebook ad-network is not blog worthy. 🙂 However, a technology company with core, patent-pending IP around serving targeted, contextual ads generated on the fly on a user by user basis — optimized for sites with rich user information — just might be. 🙂

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