23 thoughts on “30Boxes team launches Facebook Ad Exchange”

  1. interesting business idea.

    altho people who think they need facebook app advertising probably aren’t making good use of the feed to do app event notification. (ditto for AdWords — SEM is a great business because people are so crappy at doing good SEO).

    but i guess there’s plenty of people who got rich selling shit to stupid advertisers… narendra might just have something going there 😉

  2. First, thanks for making me feel old in the intro, Om.

    Great idea by the 30 Boxes team, but you hit the nail on the head. If Facebook goes the MySpace route (talk about a walled garden), then you can expect Facebook to block this. Let’s hope not.

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  4. So far Narendra’s app seems to be pure link exchange. He’s not doing the nasty, commercial “selling of ads for cash to just about anyone.” I am doing exactly that, of course.

    Dave Cancel, compete.com co-founder, is the other half of it. Lookery, an ad network just for Facebook app publishers, is selling now and will be live in a week or so.

  5. Om,
    I think I see FaceBook 2.0 evolving, which is nothing but MySpace with more garbage. As soon as you introduce add-ons, links, ads etc the whole eco system dies slowly. That’s pretty much what happens everytime someone decides they need to make some dough. Thats the difference between Craigslist and others (just the business model)

  6. How are they doing the link exchange such that it helps with SEO? The number of click-thrus is abismal on Face book. Doesn’t that render the value you much lower? The Advantage of Link Exchanges is to boost or at least not lose your place in Google. If the Link Exchange doesn’t put a link on your page pretty much all of the time, then it doesn’t really move anyone’s rank, and so it is not worth paying for.

    Is there something I missed in the way they are doing this?

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