8 thoughts on “Going Bonkers by the Bay”

  1. I think we’ve seen this before. Unfortunately bubbles don’t make a sound until they pop. Let’s just hope the unpleasant side-effects are smaller this time.

  2. Om,

    Oy Vey is actually Yiddish, but good try!

    You promised to post about your trip to Israel, I have not seen any, did I miss it?


  3. I don’t understand how facebook is any different from myspace, or any of the billion other social apps out there boring.

    the front page of facebook says it best… it’s like…a social app that connects me with the people around me..

    HANG ON… Do I really need a utility to do that? Aren’t I already connected with them by virtue of the fact that they’re my friends? MEH! silly.

  4. Om – while it would seem silly (and unprofitable) for a firm to create a fund for one unproven niche of a nascent market, that misses the point of what they actually did at Bay.

    Angela and Salil, two unknown vcs, with this announcement, just positioned themselves in the center of the dealflow for some of the most interesting startups forming today. That’s just smart marketing.

    If you’re Mike Moritz you don’t have to announce any special programs. If you’re an associate at a non-top-5 firm, you gotta hustle.

    Rock on.

  5. I think Facebook is gonna be one of the next big things, its interface is way nice. But…I think advertising has to move to a more TV based model instead of this PPC model. Its gotta be based on brand name recognition rather than actions.

  6. Facebook is big and getting bigger for business. Business people are looking for better ways to network. The FB API gives developers an easy way to do that.
    So now that you have a great app, how do you monetize it? Sure advertising on FB is still a big if, but hey who says that advertising is the only option?? I can think of a few more, such as brand building, premium services etc etc.
    Personally as my Linkedin page shows – I have moved to Facebook with no regrets so far http://flatplanetphone.com/wordpress/?p=263

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