9 thoughts on “Apple gives Twitter a big boost with iOS integration”

  1. This is really a huge move for Twitter especially in the area of photo sharing. If like they say it;s a one click solution to publish photos to TWitter that is massively powerful and will work well with their new image search the announced last week. I can see a little media plan formulating there!

  2. I’m wondering what the guys from Instagram are thinking now that you can tweet pictures and share them without their app.

  3. I was surprised that Apple chose Twitter over Facebook. Let’s just hope that they can also integrate Facebook into future Apple gadgets. But having Microsoft as an investor in Facebook, maybe they will not allow this to happen.

  4. Integration with hardware based devices and iOS based apps is going to help the users quite a bit. One of the comments mentioned about Instagram and I am sure there are a lot of services like that would have to pivot to align themselves to this new reality. I do believe that this is a good thing overall!

  5. Not even having a lesser-highlighted option to share via Facebook rather than Twitter will push me to Android. I just recently moved from BlackBerry to an iPhone and love it; this news makes me ill.

  6. Kinda off topic but I’m really interested to see if the Safari Reader addition will have any effect on advertising…

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