9 thoughts on “Apple in Q2: Mac Sales Soar, iPod Sales Slow”

  1. @Petabro Easy- if you review Steve Jobs iPhone introduction speech, you will note that his goal is 10m iPhones by 2008, which means that even if they continue @ their current rate, they will easily make their goal. In fact, it is more likely that they will sell 10m IN 2008 as sales ramp up during the rest of the year to more and more countries…

  2. Maybe you’re right, anyway I hope that in my country will be available in 1Q09…where can I find the countries planned for this year?

  3. Mac sales up 51%! Mac is quickly taking market share from Windows. Today iMac is clearly the most stylish computer for home, and MacBook is the most desired laptop for personal use. In any Starbucks one can see the increasing number of MacBooks. Apple was never a threat to Microsoft in the past, but with more and more open standards, and easily portable applications, Apple is quickly gaining ground as the computer for “personal use”. Mac is no longer a niche product but a high-end choice for consumer computers.

    On the iPod side, apart from reaching market maturity, iPods sales might be stalling due to the wait-for-the-iPhone effect, with people delaying their older iPods renovation, waiting for iPhone to be available in their markets, or simply for the 3G iPhone.

  4. Hey Om,

    For what it’s worth, the data point that most grabbed me was the rate of growth of the Mac business relative to the rest of the industry – 51% this year compared to last – a rate of growth 3.5X better than the PC industry.

    I see this growth rate as indicative of a halo effect starting to play out that touches so many aspects of Apple’s business.

    Given that, I took a swag at articulating the strategic pieces at play for Apple in a post lovingly called, ‘Holy Shit! Apple’s Halo Effect.’

    HERE IS THE URL: http://thenetworkgarden.com/weblog/2008/04/holy-shit-apple.html

    Check it out if interested.



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