6 thoughts on “Netgear Joins the Web 2.0 Party With Dekoh”

  1. I would also mention TomTom, the GPS manufacturer, who developped MapSahre, a Web 2.0 map correction feature.
    Each and every TomTom user is now capable of correcting his maps and share these corrections with all other users.

  2. I find it logical that hardwares related to photo sharing adopt the web 2.0 point of view. I mean it is not “photo sharing” if you don’t actually share it with your community.

  3. I really don’t understand the significance or importance that a hardware device helps me share pictures. Maybe I will see some interesting application in the future but for now I don’t think I need it? 😛

    I was told from a friend this in summary of what is significant, “Dekoh simplifies setup required to make NAS content accessible from outside internet, even when the NAS is behind firewall or DSL (no static IP address). Earlier, home users had to install additional open source software, obtain dynamic IP, open ports, etc.”

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