7 thoughts on “Fabrik to buy SimpleTech, get big fast”

  1. The SimpleTech acquisition has happened. I just went to check out Fabrik again and there is something really annoying about their website which is totally preventing me from using the service. I wanted to know how much the service would cost to move beyond the 1GB free account but I need to sign up with them to do that…stupid thing to make me do and for that reason I’m not going to be using them. Hello Carbonite, I’m signing up today!

  2. This is awesome. I have been using myfabrik service and really am so damn happy that now I can also use a Home Storage device that works with online service. This is awesome. These guys know what a consumer wants, and are listening. Great move fabrik guys.

  3. I agree. I am a Simpletech user. The ID is great. And the device is very simple to use. I used to have Western Digital Drive, it crapped out twice on me. I am using the PinnaFerina Portable drive from Simpletech for a year now, and very happy. Will now try out fabrik.

  4. Nice job Fabrik marketing. I like how the last three ridiculously positive comments happened to come 3 minutes apart.

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