2 thoughts on “OStatic Gets oDesked”

  1. om, i love that site – and i just wanted to say thanks to the dev team for answering questions over at drupal.org about how some of the site was put together.

    as for features:

    1) screenshots!!! either grab ’em yourself or let users put them up (perhaps with moderation, not sure what you’re experiencing over there in that regard)

    2) screenshots!! (oh, did i already say that? 😉

    3) demo versions of the most popular/top rated – similar to opensourcecms.com – perhaps a giant sandbox of some kind?

    4) more links to documentatation and ‘related sites’ – for example, wordpress and drupal and pligg alone have spawned dozens of highly reputable sites for support (e.g. themegarden) – could there be an easy way to link top level ‘related resources’ to a project??

    5) lightspeed search – take a look at drupalmodules.com and look at the module finder engine that he built…it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before on drupal! he’s going to open up the code…perhaps you could sponsor him? he spent over a year on that project!

  2. @Dave – thank you for your kind words. And, your suggestions are spot-on.

    1) We have screenshots coming very soon. Stay tuned!
    2) Hah – yessir – those are truly coming soon!
    3) I couldn’t agree more with this. Expect to see things on this front very soon too!
    4) Currently, the project pages are wiki-enabled. Several projects have links in there, and those can be enhanced directly by users. We will do a better job at making this easier to add and showcase.
    5) Will definitely look into this. We had to build a lot of the search functionality ourselves, as we had covered on drupal.org too. Will definitely love to learn more about this initiative and see ways in which we can help (and benefit!).

    Thank you for your continued interest. Please do continue to share your thoughts and feedback – this is what will help us make an offering that is valuable to the community!

    The OStatic Team

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